Private and Group Coaching

Private Coaching

Get support, feedback, and advice for exactly where you are from coaches who have walked in your shoes. No more guessing how to apply theory to real life.

Melissa Corkum
  • Behavior Coaching
  • Safe and Sound Protocol
  • Enneagram Coaching
  • Nervous System Care

As the creator of the 60-day Regulation Rescue, Melissa specializes in helping you find brain-based solutions to challenging behaviors so you can laugh more and yell less. She is an adoptee and adoptive mom.

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Lisa Qualls
  • Faith-based support for parents
  • Guidance in overcoming blocked care
  • Enneagram Coaching

As an adoptive mom and TBRI Practitioner, I offer coaching deeply rooted in my faith in Christ. While I enjoy providing parenting guidance, my primary interest is supporting you, the parent. Adoptive parenting often requires more of us than we ever imagined. I’m here to support you as you walk through the joys and challenges of this unique parenting experience.

Lisa is currently not accepting new clients.

Greg Lombard Rea
  • Dad Coaching
  • Behavior Coaching
  • Enneagram Coaching

As an adoptive dad and TBRI Practitioner, Greg specializes in helping you "Stay Calm", "See the Need" and "Meet the Need" of your children and teens so that you can find joy in your parenting again.

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Group Coaching

The Village (including Dads Only group, the Hope Circle, the Enneagram & Adoption Collective, and more)

The Village is our membership community where you will find both valuable training and resources as well as ongoing live support and invaluable community and connection for you. This is also the home of our Dads Only group, the Hope Circle, the Enneagram & Adoption Collective, and more. Click here to learn more or join us.

The Regulation Rescue

If you need behavior management support or want to use the Safe and Sound Protocol with your family, click here to learn more about our 60-day intensive.

Teen Support Group

This support group is designed to create a safe & supportive environment for adopted teens (ages 13 to 17) to engage with their story alongside fellow adoptees. Click here to learn more or sign your teen up.